Driver Reviver review

The applications that you and your computer use have their vendor. The items with which your PC communicates with these applications are called drivers. Manufacturers tend to update their drivers a few years after the launch of their software to improve its performance, fix some shortcomings, and add new features. But it’s hard to keep track of these updates because manufacturers only post updates on their official website. Driver Reviver is a program that will help you always keep your drivers up to date, and in this article, we will look at the program in detail.

Driver Reviver Pricing

The first thing we’ll look at in our Driver Reviver review is pricing. So, you can easily download the program through the official website for free, but some features will be blocked there and the program won’t be able to work fully. To get access to them, you will need to buy a subscription, which will cost about $30 per year.

The program is also available in two software packages which will cost $35 and $70 a year. You can find out more about these packages on the vendor’s official website.

The free version, in turn, provides you with almost all the features you need, the only downside is that you cannot update all the drivers at once, you will have to do it one by one and manually.

Driver Reviver Features

Besides the basic driver update function, the program also has a backup manager function. Create a full backup of all drivers or selectively. This is quite a useful feature which will help you if you have any problem with the updated drivers. You can simply go back to the previous version and never update again.

You can also set the time and frequency when the drivers will be scanned and configure them to be downloaded automatically.

Interface and usage

Installing and using Driver Reviver is easy. The program has a professional, albeit slightly outdated interface, but it’s great for the office space. The main panel displays all the information you need about the current drivers, but if you want to go deeper into the data about them, click on the “Information” tab and find out about the outdated versions of drivers and the date when the last update was released.

From the first minutes of installation, the program will start sending you notifications about updated drivers, sometimes even disturbing you with popups, but you can disable this feature.

However, Driver Reviver is a good option if you’re trying to find the proper driver updates for your baffling hardware.

The program’s support team will be able to answer all your questions via online email within a day, and the most frequent questions and their problems are also found on the official Driver Reviver website.